Black Cat necklace painted by hand

black cat necklace painted by hand

This necklace make a thoughtful gift for any cat lovers. Painted on mother of pearl, pendant was coated with several layers of sparkling clear sealer for added protection, durability and a high gloss shine.

Mother of pearl beads is approx. 2 cm/0,78 inch in diameter.

You can find it in my Etsy shop here:


New ring: “Sunflower”

This is a new ring from my “Sunflower” collection. Beautiful sunflower painted by hand on mother of pearl bead. 16K gold-plated adjustable base.

In sell in  my Etsy shop!

Sunflower adjustable ring

Sunflower adjustable ring

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Simple everyday jewelry: Gold Heart Bracelet


Are you in search of simple everyday jewelry or lovely gift for a special someone? Look at this!

A pretty everyday bracelet, handmade hammered heart 24 vermeil over Sterling silver 925. 14k gold filled chain. Dainty and delicate.Length approx. 7 inch. Made by hand in my Italy based studio.



Everyday jewelry: Green Amethyst Necklace


My new necklace I just added to my Etsy shop.

A beautiful Bezel Set Faceted Green Amethyst Hydro stone in 22k Gold Vermeil.
16 kt goldplated 18 inch chain. Simple and delicate, perfect for everyday wearing.

Made by hand in my Italy based studio.

Length of chain may be adjusted upon request.


To learn By Heart

There are many ways to say “heart” – and not just with accessories.There’s the book A Heart So White by Javier Marias, the film  A Heart So White directed by Sautet and the heart – shaped Rocking Chair by Ron Arad for Magis.Film,literature, art and fashion are inspired by the hearts for its simbolic and romantic sides.

Tosca Blu

A shape that can be used anywhere and in easygoing accessories like the small bag with shoulder strap worked in lace or in full-on colors.It can be a precious diamond-pavèd symbol to wear around the neck, a charm to wear on bracelets that seem to “talk” or a message affection set like a stone in a sweet ring.An andless story where Cupid leaves his mark.

Moschino Cheap and  Chic

Red Heart Earrings perfect for Saint Valentine’s day!

Do you love red color?These earrings are for you! Beautiful and luminous Red Heart mother of pearl earrings painted by hand.Shapely Stone Hook Ear Wires, 16K Gold Vermeil over 925 Sterling Silver .Handmade in my Italy based studio.
Heart size: 15 mm (0,7 inch)
Total length of the earrings approx.3,5 cm (1,5) inch

You can find these earrings  in my Etsy shop, here:

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My new aquamarine earrings

I like blue. It’s a fact. Just open my closet to see what I’m talking about!
I created these earrings for me, and after I thought they might like someone else, why not?
I like to think that teardrop shape is very elegant, and combination of blue and  gold colors is beautiful!

These earrings can be found in my Etsy shop !

Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step?


We spend a lot of time and effort, taking the big and important decisions. In what area of ​​work? Whether to start your own business? Whether to invest money in learning / development? Whether to change jobs? Yes, solutions are big and important, and they require careful consideration, only …

In «Hogfather» Terry Pratchett, one of my favorite books, wonderful words: “The road to wisdom really begins with one step. That’s just people make the mistake of ignoring the thousands of steps that follow him. “

Of course, this applies not only to wisdom. Achieve or not achieve the desired, we depend on the 1000 small decisions we make every day. Go to bed early or watch a movie? Eat bun or 15 minutes of dance? Take for an important task in the morning with a fresh head or first drink tea and read magazine? Go in a foreign language (photoshop, accounting) or go with friends at the bar ?

Try the following:

Write a list of daily small decisions that you take away from the goal.
Write a list of daily small decisions that bring you to it.
Keep them in front of your eyes. Each day, give up one or two decisions from the first list and take another one or two of the second.

“The Seven Deadly Sins” rings collection by Stephen Webster

British jewelry designer Stephen Webster is known around the world for his thought provoking, glamorous and rock n’ roll inspired fine jewelry. His signature work, such as the current collection “The Seven Deadly Sins”, combines the strong foundations of traditional artisan craftsmanship with an English punk aesthetic.

These fantastic rings have been over a year in the making, from initial sketches and several reincarnations to the final, detail-rich rings. Each one is set with a stunning centre stone, the colour of which plays on the ideas and themes behind each sin… Green for Envy, purple for Pride, diamonds for Greed…

7 rings based on the 7 Deadly Sins, with only 7 of each ever made! What’s more, these stunning rings are definitely not for the faint hearted, with one in particular retailing at £125,000… And of course only available to order!

Gluttony: 18ct White Gold Ring pavé set with Rubies, White Agate Inlay and Fire Opal

Greed: 18ct Yellow Gold Ring set with White Diamonds

Lust: 18ct White Gold Ring, pavé set with White Diamonds and Tanzanite

Sloth: 18ct Yellow Gold Ring, set with White Diamonds, Blue Topaz and Red Enamel Inlay.

Wrath: 18ct Rose Gold Ring set with White Diamonds, Rubies and Red Garnet

Envy: 18ct White Gold Ring pavé set with Black and White Diamonds, Tsavorites and Green Tourmaline

Pride: Blue Titanium Ring set with White Diamonds, Pink Sapphires and