I paint miniatures for jewelry for almost 20 years, and I really like my work.
I really like idea of combining painting and jewelry, so we bring with us our favorite paintings! I had my shop in the old center of Florence,not far away from the Pitti Palas and Ponte Vecchio. I loved working in my shop and make people see the creation of miniature painting. I have been chosen to represent the Italian artistic craft in the world by Promofirenze (Special Agency of Chamber of Commerce of Florence) so, I often went to Italian fairs abroad,especially in Japan.
I closed the shop because I moved to Padua to my love.Now I have no longer shop, but a beautiful baby girl of 28 months!So,having my baby so little,
I decided to present my creations online, I created my own website and I put my jewelry on sale in some stores that sell handmade crafts online.
On this blog you can find links to the site and stores, as well as pictures of my new creations and those sold. Here we can meet and talk about things we like, I would appreciate your comments and opinions!You are welcome!

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