To learn By Heart

There are many ways to say “heart” – and not just with accessories.There’s the book A Heart So White by Javier Marias, the film  A Heart So White directed by Sautet and the heart – shaped Rocking Chair by Ron Arad for Magis.Film,literature, art and fashion are inspired by the hearts for its simbolic and romantic sides.

Tosca Blu

A shape that can be used anywhere and in easygoing accessories like the small bag with shoulder strap worked in lace or in full-on colors.It can be a precious diamond-pavèd symbol to wear around the neck, a charm to wear on bracelets that seem to “talk” or a message affection set like a stone in a sweet ring.An andless story where Cupid leaves his mark.

Moschino Cheap and  Chic


2 responses to “To learn By Heart

  1. These are beautiful Evelina. I hope you are well. All my best, Jane

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