Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step?


We spend a lot of time and effort, taking the big and important decisions. In what area of ​​work? Whether to start your own business? Whether to invest money in learning / development? Whether to change jobs? Yes, solutions are big and important, and they require careful consideration, only …

In «Hogfather» Terry Pratchett, one of my favorite books, wonderful words: “The road to wisdom really begins with one step. That’s just people make the mistake of ignoring the thousands of steps that follow him. “

Of course, this applies not only to wisdom. Achieve or not achieve the desired, we depend on the 1000 small decisions we make every day. Go to bed early or watch a movie? Eat bun or 15 minutes of dance? Take for an important task in the morning with a fresh head or first drink tea and read magazine? Go in a foreign language (photoshop, accounting) or go with friends at the bar ?

Try the following:

Write a list of daily small decisions that you take away from the goal.
Write a list of daily small decisions that bring you to it.
Keep them in front of your eyes. Each day, give up one or two decisions from the first list and take another one or two of the second.


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