Into the deep blue of Tuareg

A long strip of night coloured muslin is the sign with which to recognise the blue ladies,the extremely beautiful Tuareg,with their elongated eyes and a skin like silk.It’s material characterised by bluish pigment that makes it ever more mysterious.The 2011 catwalk is fitted out in an evocative Berber frame to present a deep colour,regal and occult,that has within it the meaning of elegance.dark blue,indigo,ultramarine,prussiate.


The blue suggestion is materialised in sartorial cuts ,in Giorgio Armani’s bodice and draped tunics,but also gets its strength from the monochrome coming out of Marni,Ferragamo,Lanvin,Ysl.


The jewels melt in this nocturnal look,like a glittering talisman,dancing between a pavé of iolite,sapphires and Tanzanite pendants.Like a scintillating Rapsody in Blue.

Sapphire earrings by “JewelryAndMiniatures”


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