In a Purple Haze

Simply purple to seduce the depths of the soul.Shapes and decorations mix but the nuances  are all from the same palette.It’s the color of the mineral of the sixth chakra,the famous Third Eye,which leads one to strange and intoxicating worlds like the psychedelic visions designed by Verner Pantonmin the 1970′.For daytime the lines are essential for mini coats/chemisier that are cinched at the waist with a chic and thin belt or in the prune ensemble with loose pants and a soft blouse.


Basic pieces with precious details:coctail rings with faceted stones and chandelier earrings are matched to necklaces and bracelets while floral decorations in jewels betray their relationshi to the colors of the botanical world.


Femininity explodes at night with miniskirts in reptile and tops worked with arabesque intaglio to be worn with open-toe,lace-up boots or with sophisticated satin pumps with either skyhigh heels or solid trapeze heels.



Amethyst earrings

Andrea Mabiani


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